Introduction to Think Links Website

The aim of this website is to provide you with links on critical topics that I personally believe every member of the human race should understand on at the very least a basic level. One of the key words is understand; as I hope to not just provide information on these topics, but allow you to develop rational ways of thinking that allow you to assess any information that you receive for yourself in the future as a lot of information on the internet and media is misinformation or propaganda.
The topics selected not only have a large impact upon you personally, but upon every other member of the human race and all life on the planet. Some connections may not be initially be obvious unless thought about in significant detail and so I encourage you to think about things in your own time instead of purely relying on reading articles.

Even for those of you that are thinking rationally and have an awareness of some of these topics, I hope to provide you with links to articles that will provide more information on topics you have already considered and introduce you to new topics. I will also try and provide some methods for coping as the information provided here isn’t exactly the most enjoyable or motivating.

However, knowing is half the battle! Therefore some pages will be dedicated to how you can influence change from local to global levels. There is something that everyone can do, even if you don’t have much free time.

If you notice any mistakes, have any recommendations for better articles or more topics that should be included: let me know and I will assess your claim.


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