Bubble and Crash


Credit Bubble

Startup Bubble

Housing Bubble

Stockmarket Bubble


Past crashes

While no two crises are exactly the same, economic collapses can be categorized into the following types:

  • Fiscal: inability of the government to finance its regular activities

  • Credit: reduction in the general availability and accessibility of loans

  • Financial: value of financial institutions or assets suddenly drop

  • Currency: doubt as to whether a country’s central bank has enough reserves to maintain the country’s fixed exchange rate

  • Economic: country experiences sudden downturn brought on by a financial crisis

  • Hyperinflation: extremely rapid period of inflation, usually caused by fast printing of money

  • Supply Side Shock: unexpected event that changes supply of product, resulting in a sudden change in price

  • Speculative Bubble: spike in asset value with a particular industry caused by exaggerated expectations of future growth

  • Stock Market Crash: sudden decline of stock prices across a large part of the market

Was the 2008 recession a depression?

Signs of the next Crash

Is Deutsche Bank the next Lehman?
Deutsche Bank: Something is Seriously Wrong

Financial firms liquidating:
The Eerie Echo Of 2007: It Really Is Bear Stearns, All Over Again
$1.3 Billion Hedge Fund Founded By Ex-Bear Stearns Traders, Just Suspended Redemptions

Another High Yield Domino Falls As $900 Million Lucidus Capital Liquidates

Banks Scramble To Collateralize Loans To Record Levels



Demand for core industrial materials is plunging (most due to China):

Decoupling of freight industry from average during the period it is supposed to be booming



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