For Media corporatism see the ‘Mainstream Media’ section on the sidebar.
Return On Investment for Corporations

Corporations that own other Corporations

The Corporation (documentary)
Chomsky: Corporations (video)
Corporatism in the UK


Now a proven fact that executive pay is a form of theft

No Logo – Naomi Klein (book) – Covers branding, sweatshops
Lecture by Naomi Klein on No Logo (video)



Where we donate money VS Diseases that kill us
CEO raises life-saving pill cost by 5,000% (video)

Drug prices in the US
Studebaker: US Healthcare
The selling of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
GSK funded their own study claiming their drugs was safe for kids
Profit, not patients: the risks of private medicine


Nestle CEO: Water is not a human right, it should be privatized (video)
Industrial Farming
Monsanto Timeline

Tapped: Water documentary (video)
Coca-Cola funds scientists who shift blame for obesity away from bad diets
Privatised air

Food Inc. (video)


Profiting from prisons:

  • phone calls to prison
  • health care
  • bail
  • neglect basic needs to cut costs
  • make laws easier to break + longer sentences
  • Prison labour
  • impossible to get a job once you are a felon, therefore you turn to illegal activities allowing repeat offenders but not rehabilitation.

Profit Prisons – Inmates Charged for Jail Stay, Left Buried in Debt When they Get Out


Chevron’s effort to corrupt the trial of the pollution of the Ecuadorian rain-forest (video)

Tax Aversion

75% of Fortune 500 Companies avoid paying taxes






Origins of consumerism in the US


9 companies to boycott
Israeli boycotts
List of boycotts

Ethical Consumer
 – This website provides information on companies and their products. There is a limited amount of information available for free, and there is a 30 day free trial which should be more than enough time to investigate the companies and products you buy. If you want the subscription for longer, it seems you will have to pay.

Zizek: First as tragedy, then as farce – Charity (video)

The Gates Foundation and the Anatomy of Philanthrocapitalism

Links with government:
Clinton Emails: Google planned to help Syrian rebels bring down Assad regime

Arms Trade


Tax Breaks


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