It’s not always nice to have huge amounts of horrible information shoved down your throat, it can have depressive effects to say the least.
Therefore it is always nice to receive information via comedy (this is a major outlet of frustration in the US [comedians are better sources of news than the actual media]), music etc.

TV Series
Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister
Bremner, Bird and Fortune
Culture in Decline

Comedy Shows
Last Week Tonight (John Oliver)
The Daily Show (Jon Stewart)
Real Time (Bill Maher)
The Trews (Russell Brand)
Fox News

Comedy Stand-up
George Carlin
Bill Hicks
Doug Stanhope


Rage Against The Machine
Samples: Sample1Sample2
Albums: Album1, Album2, Album3

Rise Against
Samples: Sample1, Sample2, Sample3, Sample4
Albums: Album1, Album2Album3Album4

Billy Talent
Samples: Sample
Albums: Album1Album2Album4

Egypt Central
Samples: Sample1Sample2
Albums: Album1

Papa Roach
Samples: Sample1, Sample2


Recommendations welcome.


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