Democracy has become democracy in name only, it is currently a system that has the potential to be genuinely representative of the public, but is also the most corruptible under the current global circumstances. This gives the public the appearance of a system which represents them, but doesn’t in reality. Unlike an authoritarian dictatorship where you know you are not free.

Chomsky: Democracy is a threat to any power system
How the banking system affects democracy

While the amount of funding is a reasonably good indicator of who wins elections, the media possibly has a larger control over who wins an election.

Money is a pretty good predictor of who will win elections

However the amount of money, and the donator, becomes increasingly correlated with those who benefits from the policies enacted by the politicians.Therefore these elected representatives end up representing their funders rather than the general population.

Something even more important than money (although closely related) is whether the media supports you or not.

Media bias against presidential candidate Ron Paul
Media headlines compared to what Corbyn says

Unwanted results
A close-to-home example of democracy only being acceptable when the ‘right’ choice is made is the recent Labour party leadership election in the UK, where the media, the Conservative party and even the majority of his own party have turned on him.

Counting the votes
“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

US 2000 Presidential Election: Bush vs Gore – It’s a long article but truly shocking

Britain and Democracy
British Royalty

British Privy Council
British Voting System
British House of Lords
Israel Lobby (video)

Studebaker: Tax Credits and How to Fix the House of Lords
The British establishment has a problem with democracy

Refusal to publish Prince Charles’ letters which attempt to alter government’s policies
Britain’s establishment pedophile ring cover ups
The Plot Against Harold Wilson (video)
Prince William receives confidential cabinet papers

MPs want to keep secret the names of MPs if they are arrested, according to a new report

George Osborne slashes funding for opposition parties while bill for Government advisors goes up

US and Democracy
US overthrew the democratically elected government of Egypt in 2013

Support of the military coup in Chile lead by Pinochet
List of authoritarian regimes supported by the US

Studebaker: The democracy pendulum – Effectiveness of democracy at finding the social interest
Jacob Appelbaum: “We need more, not less democracy”


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