The current education system is severely flawed. It teaches you what to think, rather than how to think, discover and explore. It excludes important subjects that will be used in daily life: politics, philosophy, basics of how the world works, economics, human behaviour, practical skills, and other advice that is practical to everyone irrespective of their future profession.

Tuition Fees

AAV: Tuition fees are a tax on aspiration


School with a radical ‘no rules’ policy (video)
Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? (video)

Robinson: Educating the heart and mind (video)

Robinson: Changing education paradigms (video)


Chomsky: Education is a system of indoctrination of the young (video)
Chomsky: Education, for whom and for what? (video)

Boarding School

Britain’s youngest boarders (video)
Monbiot: Boarding school at an early age is child abuse (video)
The making of them 1994 (video)

Online Education

EdX – Free online courses in a wide range of subjects
Coursera – Free online courses in a wide range of subjects
Codecademy – Free online coding courses (html, css, java, sql, command line, etc.)
Orcam Group: Understanding money, economics and finance
List of 40 free educational websites
CrashCourse: Crash courses in a variety of topics (videos)

Recommended Reading Lists

Rational Revolution’s reading list


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