Hillary Clinton

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Unspinning the Flint Democratic Debate

Hillary’s greed wars:

Some of Hillary Clinton’s emails revealed that the reason for invading Libya was not for moral reasons. But because of:
-Qaddafi’s attempt to establish a pan-African currency based on gold
-Libya’s oil reserves
-To maintain French dominance in the region
New Hillary Emails Reveal Propaganda, Executions, Coveting Libyan Oil and Gold

This has pretty much destroyed Libya, and the violence has spread causing other wars such as the one in Mali.

And she also voted for the Iraq war (which has now spread terrorism globally – particularly in Syria), as well as advocating taking down Assad through military intervention in Syria (which would obviously make the situation far worse).

Hillary’s hypocrisy

Why Bernie vs Hillary Matters More Than People Think

Hillary Clinton Isn’t Particularly Good for Feminism

Economic history of the Clintons:

Clintons welfare reforms achieved the famous budget surplus (which actually sent their economy into a recession), “but the consequences for poor American families and children were severe. Here’s a short list of some of welfare reform’s lesser known effects:

  • Mortality rates among welfare recipients likely rose by at least 16%.
  • By keeping single parents in work and away from their children, welfare reform adversely affected the development of adolescents, particularly those who were pushed to care for younger siblings, significantly decreasingacademic performance.
  • The percentage of poor children receiving food stamps fell from 88% to 70%, and the number receiving cash assistance fell from 57% to 40%.
  • By making payments contingent on seeking employment, it reduced the probability that women will go back to school by 20-25%.
  • The percent of deeply poor households with children who report having insufficient funds to cover essential expenses rose from 37% in 1995 to 48% in 2005.”

Poverty went up:

Inequality drastically increased under the Clintons, second only to the Reagan period.

Financial industry dominated the economy drastically more under the Clinton administration (because of all the funding from companies like Goldman Sachs):

The stockmarket bubble that the Clintons had deregulated the financial sector to sustain, finally collapsed after they were voted out. Which also set the stage for the 2008 crash.

Candidate Evaluations: Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s close links with the media:

“State Department emails published by Gawker on Tuesday show that a CNN journalist colluded with a top Hillary Clinton State Department aide in an attempt to smear Kentucky Senator Rand Paul during the former secretary of state’s 2013 testimony on the Benghazi attacks.


Bernie Comparison


Also the latest Quinnipiac shows Clinton is actually less likely to beat them than Bernie:

“General election matchups among American voters show:

  • Clinton tops Trump 46 – 41 percent;
  • Clinton ties Cruz 45 – 45 percent;
  • Clinton trails Rubio 48 – 41 percent;
  • Sanders thumps Trump 49 – 39 percent;
  • Sanders edges Cruz 46 – 42 percent;
  • Sanders and Rubio are tied 43 – 43 percent.”


Bernie skips AIPAC conference

Bernie won support from Asher Edelman – the inspiration for Gordon Gekko from the film Wall Street

Election corruption:

Chris Mathews directed to “Stop Talking” during a segment on Bernie Sanders
MSNBC Host Admits Democratic Primary Rigged, While Station Simultaneously Rigs Coverage

Martin O’Malley accuses DNC of ‘rigging’ primary process in Clinton’s favour

Bernie Sanders reportedly left off D.C. primary ballot after Democratic Party error

Arizona Secretary of State Confirms Election Fraud Happened in State Primary (VIDEO

Rigged Democracy – Nearly 10% Of Democratic Party Superdelegates Are Lobbyists

Hillary’s ties with the military industrial complex and banking industry:

Hillary Clinton Showed Support, Associates Profited from Ex-Im Bank Financing World’s Largest Coal Plants in South Africa

Bill Clinton’s foundation cashed in as Sweden lobbied Hillary on sanctions