Strawman – The Nature of the Cage (video) – based on British law but interesting for all nonetheless

There is a tried and tested method of erasing imaginary bank debts, and without recourse to courts and lawyers, by simply serving a ‘Notice’ (letter by recorded delivery) to provide proof of the debt.
1. The original accounting showing a transfer of the money from the bank’s account to your own, including the transactions of its liability ledger. (your agreement to repay the amount of the loan, has been entered as a cash deposit and therefore a liability.)
2. As the supposed loan was a digital creation, what loss is caused if it is not repaid.
3. Proof that they have not sold on the fictional debt agreement, (Promissory Note) on the Stockmarket, securitisation.

Add that they have 28 days to comply, and that you will happily repay any loan the requested documents show you lawfully owe. (that slams the door on the bank running to the courts. Everyone has the right to ask for proof of debt.

Courts where the person who can afford a better lawyer determines victory means there is no such thing as justice.


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