Mainstream Media

There are two ways to influence a person’s view of the world.
One is to change the way they think, this is what the education has control over during your childhood when your mind is more easily malleable. It does this by teaching you to remember facts that are assumed to be true.
The other, is to change what you think or the information that you receive (over long periods this will also most likely change the way you think). If you wanted to control the government you could do it through the CIA/MI5/MI6 or NSA/GCHQ as that is their source of information. For the general population you could do it through media such as newspapers, television channels, television, films etc.

UK Media

AAV: Mainstream Media Oligopoly
Newspapers: 70% of UK national market is controlled by 3 companies, 43% of national audience share is provided by Sky News
Veteran BBC journalist slams broadcaster’s bias on doctors’ strike, and much more

Manipulation in BBC’s panorama “saving Syria’s children” which was attempting to manufacture consent for the war in Syria (video)

US Media

The political economy of the mass media
AAV: The UK mainstream media oligopoly

Chomsky: Propaganda (BBC interview)
Chomsky: Lectures on the media (videos)

Psychology of propaganda (video)

John Stewart on the media bias against presidential candidate Ron Paul (video)

Dennis Skinner catches reporter ‘spinning’ what he said in front of him live (video)

Rupert Murdoch, climate change denier, buys National Geographic

US Government plants questions in media interview with Edward Snowden [Clinton’s leaked emails]
Putin claims that Western media reported Russian jets killed civilians in Syria before airstrikes started
What happens when you replace Israel with ISIS in an article about Palestine?
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that Western media quote for Syrian statistics – turns out to be a single guy, working from home, doesn’t charge anyone money for his information, and fears that someone is going to kill him.
BBC censors all the highest rated comments in an article concerning Putin’s violation of Turkish airspace


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