I am making a website that briefly introduces a wide range of important topics and then provides links to further reading, such as your articles. I try and make the introduction as compact and easy to understand as possible without going into the unnecessary specifics, in order to soothe people who are not familiar with the subjects or trapped in dogma.

The idea is that to try and unite people who may be only interested in one topic (e.g. politics, climate change, human behaviour, etc) and expose them to new types of topics that I think every human should have some knowledge of to a basic standard, in order to make effective decisions in their life. In some cases, such as a section on the Conservative party in the UK, detailing the effect they have had on the economy and British society [], the structure allows quick reference to images and articles if the user is discussing something with someone and needs the appropriate data and statistics to back them up.

This has a benefit for the people who have their articles posted as links in the site, as the users get redirected from my site to theirs. If I can get many of the bloggers (etc) to advertise the facebook group/website, then everyone who has links on the site will benefit from the cumulative user base of everybody else. This allows the users to gain more knowledge in terms of quantity and quality, and gives the bloggers the opportunity to get a larger readership. For example, I wrote a page of possible information sources in order to reduce the time people spend searching for them by themselves:

At the moment I am just focussing on shoving in as much content as possible via the Pareto principle, then I’ll start improving them more. Then if the website becomes popular enough I might get someone to design it better (or learn the coding language myself) and possibly implement some kind of democracy over what articles get shown under a given topic. Once I have finished putting in the basic information, I intend to dedicate some pages to political movements, groups, petitions etc that people can participate in if they wish to get more involved with society.

I am completely open to criticism and will remove any content that someone can verify as being wrong either by explanation or evidence, and will happily incorporate decent ideas (new topics, additional/better explanation etc) if users recommend them.

I’m going to keep your links on the website irrespective of whether you advertise the facebook group/site or not as useful information is by far the priority; but it would help both of us and the potential readership if you did in the long term. I haven’t focused on advertising yet but, of the people who have been on the website, I can see from the statistics a fair amount have been re-directed to your articles.

I don’t know how much you care about credentials (it’s probably just better to read the website yourself), but I recently graduated from Imperial College London studying engineering..

Facebook group link:

Keep writing!



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