Religion is considered a very personal thing, that if questioned by another is crossing some kind of social boundary. Whereas, in reality, the irrational thinking that underlies most religions, in most cases, is not just limited to solely religious beliefs but spreads into the world of science, politics etc. This means that the thinking behind religion is no longer a personal thing, as it affects how you vote, whether you act towards climate change etc; which are decisions that affect a large number of people.

Convince them of critical thinking or religion?
Some people are somehow able to partition their mind such that irrational thinking only applies to their religion and nothing else (at least it appears that way). So it may be worth focusing on obtaining critical thinking in general as, in some cases, it is compatible with religion.

The flowchart below is a good way of determining whether you beliefs are rational or irrational. If you come out as irrational it may be worth spending some time reflecting on your belief, reading some books that challenge your views or talking with others who share different opinions.

Street Epistemology – A method of trying to get religious people to question their beliefs while not invoking cognitive dissonance (non-confrontational).

The scale of Earth relative to the Universe

The bible says believers are not to judge non-believers.

How the Bible has changed over the past 2,000 years. (video)

God allows you to cope with problems, but not solve them.

Atheists disbelieve in 1 more god than a religious person

How many people are religious:
logical, non-indoctrinated – very low
illogical, non-indoctrinated – low (lack of identity primary cause)
logical, indoctrinated – high (very difficult to escape indoctrination)
illogical, indoctrinated – very high (negligible hope)

Religious people tend to have more children allowing indoctrination to prosper


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